5 Random Blogs to Waste Some Time

27 Sep

The internet is filled with the most random content, here are 5 very random blogs to fritter away your time and procrastinate while doing that dreadful essay.

1.Kim Jong Ill Looking at Things

As random as it can get, this blog is exactly what you expect Kim Jong Ill looking at things.

2.The Problem With Young People Today

This Blog shows graphs, stories and information on why our society is so f^&#ed up!
I blame it on Marilyn Manson, thats what my parents taught me.

3.Hipster Puppies

Whats more lame than a hipster trying to be cool? A hipster dressing up his dog as a hipster.
No one should have the right to dress their dogs up, not even Paris Hilton (link to sex tape)

4.Stuff White People Like

No comment… I’m white and this blog is right on and accurate.

5.Disgusting Foods

Well you can skip this one if you’re about to have dinner, or if you’re Chinese because then its just food.


One Response to “5 Random Blogs to Waste Some Time”

  1. tuercas September 30, 2011 at 9:00 am #

    hahahahahah Kim Jong Ill looking at things is my favorite one by far!

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